Join us this weekend for our online celebrations of ceramics and the talented people who make them.

We are going online in lieu of meeting you all in real life and we’ve  pulled out the stops, under exceptional circumstances, to bring you an all singing and all dancing celebration of ceramics.

Each day over Friday 25th and Saturday 26th we’ll have a lively mix of:

LIVE studio tours
DEMONSTRATIONS of a variety of ceramic techniques
POTTERS’ QUESTION TIME – with our panel of experts
INFORMAL CHATS with makers in their studios


Download the timetable PDF

Download our handy Festival of Ceramics timetable in PDF format or use the interactive time table below

Here’s our interactive timetable … unless otherwise stated, the following activities take place on Facebook HERE

FRIDAY September 25th 

10.00 INTRO


10.10 – 10.20 LIVE STUDIO TOUR on Instagram HERE with Mel Chambers 


10.30 – 10.50 LIVE informal chat with Ania Perkowska Ceramics 


11 am – 12 noon Potter’s QT LIVE with Westcountry Potters Association
This will be streamed HERE
Our panel of experts:
Tom Knowles Jackson 
Craig Underhill 
Catherine Lucktaylor 
Ian Morrison 
Isobel Higley 

12.10 – 12.20 DEMO Sgraffito with  Totterdown Potterdown


12.30 – 12.50 LIVE informal chat with Amanda Banham Ceramics


1pm – 1.10 DEMO Kirinuki with sgraffito surface decoration Demo with Cabby Luxford Ceramics


1.15 – 1.25 LIVE STUDIO TOUR on Instagram HERE with Rosemary Jacks Pottery


1.30 – 1.40 DEMO hollow form making with Lucy Baxendale


1.45 – 1.55 DEMO Throwing and altering forms with slab built additions with adrian_bates_ceramics


2.30 – 2.40 LIVE Studio Tour on Instagram HERE with Alison Miles Pottery


2.50 – 3.00 DEMO Monoprint on clay with Wendy Calder Ceramics


3.10 – 3.20 DEMO Adding oxides to clay with Karen Dawn Curtis


3.30 – 3.50 Profile on our POTential Award winner 2020 Ruth Harrison Ceramics


4pm Festival closes





SATURDAY September 26th

10.00 INTRO


10.10 – 10.20 DEMO Hump throwing and slip trailing with Hannah Billingham Art


10.30 – 10.40 LIVE Studio Tour on Instagram HERE with Wendy Calder Ceramics


10.45 – 10.55 Hand painted ‘blue & white’ pottery DEMO with Rosemary Jacks


11am – 12 noon Potter’s QT LIVE Westcountry Potters Association
This will be streamed HERE                                                                    Our panel of experts:
John West Lansdown Pottery
Adrian Bates adrian_bates_ceramics
Ember Vincent E Vincent Ceramics
Ian Morrison Knighton Mill Pottery
Lucy Baxendale Lucy Baxendale


12.10 – 12.20 DEMO Piping clay (like icing) with Isobel Higley


LIVE informal chat about raku firing with Lucktaylor Ceramics & E Vincent Ceramics – 1.10 LIVE STUDIO TOUR on Instagram HERE with Tom Knowles Jackson


1.15 – 1.25 DEMO raku firing with Lucktaylor Ceramics


1.30 – 1.40 DEMO hand building a mug with Abigail Leach ceramics


1.45 – 1.55 LIVE STUDIO TOUR on Instagram HERE with Lucy Baxendale


2pm – 2.10 DEMO of tile making with Atlantic Ceramics


2.15 – 2.25 Live Studio Tour with adrian_bates_ceramics


2.30 – 2.40 DEMO inlay and hand etched tile making with   Mel Chambers 


2.45 – 2.55 DEMO Pit firing Patricia Millar Ceramics


3pm Festival closing video


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