The National Pottery Lottery

Welcome to our fundraising draw where you’ll have the chance to win one of 40 stunning handmade pots, vessels and sculptures from some of the top makers in the UK.

Have a scroll down to see details of all the prizes.

Each £2 National Pottery Lottery ticket gives you the chance to win a prize. You can buy as few or as many tickets as you choose. Obviously the more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win.

The funds will be used to compensate the exhibitors taking part and the organiser for loss of income after shows have been cancelled and galleries closed this year. It’s tough times for the arts and for large scale events right now, this will help us to keep going until we can run events in real life again, so thank you so much for your support.

As this is a fundraiser we’re taking card payments only – so make sure you have your card at the ready. PayPal will take up to 50p for every £2 transaction whereas Stripe, who take card payments for us, charge less than 4p per transaction. 


Terms: No Refunds. Winners pay the postage on their prize. The Pottery Lottery is brought to you by Virtual Ceramics Festival organiser Devon Pop Ups and payments will be taken under that name via Stripe.


Mini Twig by Gwen Vaughan.

Rare Nature Folk baby in a cashmere jumper.

Approx height:100mm

RRP: £110


Slab pot by Craig Underhill.

Handbuilt with monoprinted lines, engobe and glaze.

Approx Height: 10cm.

RRP £95.


Large stoneware storage jar by Tom Knowles Jackson.

Ash glazed inside and out (partially). Reduction fired.

H45cm, W35cm


Handmade planter by Totterdown Potterdown.

Thrown in white stoneware, sculpted and decorated with vibrant underglazes. Glazed inside and out. 17.5 cm tall.  (plant not included)  RRP £60


Set of 2 Stoneware Bowls by Sabine Schmidt.

Decorated with white slip and blue dot, from the ‘White Impatience’ Range. H: 9.5 cm W: 15.5 cm

RRP £ 36


Stoneware vessel by Rachel Entwistle

Finished in Chun blue and black.  Approx 13  x 11 cm

RRP £50


Lemon Squeezer by Arwyn Jones.

Oxidised stoneware.

Size approx 3.5x 12cm plus the cone.


Wren Candlestick by Claerwen Gillespie.

Handbuilt in stoneware.

Approx Height: 9.5″.

RRP £180.


Pebbles On The Beach pot by Susan Luker.

Painted with slips & engobes. With textured Lava glaze (pebbles). Finished with a barium glaze 10x8cm

RRP £85.


Miniature vase by Hannah Billingham

Hand thrown & decorated, stoneware glazed and delicately painted with 24 ct gold lustre detail. 5 cm high

RRP £55.00


Monster planter by Lucy Baxendale

Approx 7.5cm x 5cm this little monster is adorned with 24 carat gold lustre toes.
Planter will be similar to image.  


Beech Pit Fired Bowl by Patricia Millar

Fired in an earth pit for 2 days using beech wood and bladderwrack seaweed.    H5.5 W11cm
RRP £30


Cappuccino mug by Russell Kingston

Blue/cream 70mm high 130mm wide with handle

RRP £22


Small Sheep by Orchard Pottery

Slipcast in semi-porcelain. ‘Fleece’ added by hand. Face blackened with underglaze. H10 x W12 cm

RRP £35


Berry bowl & saucer by Buttons and Clay

Wheel thrown stoneware finished in white gloss glaze.
Approx H 9.5 x W11.5cm (including  handles).

RRP £45


Mug by Judit Esztergomi

Wheel-thrown and hand-carved mug made of iron-rich stoneware clay, decorated with underglazes and a sgraffito meadow pattern.     H 7.5-8.5 cm D9-11 cm 


Large Milk Jug by Karen Dawn Curtis

Spring Day Blue.Oxide-coloured Stoneware Jug.  H. 11 cm x W. 9.5 cm x D. 15.5 cm
RRP £32


Raku fired house and tree by Amanda Banham. 

House measures 5 x7x4cm Tree 7x4cm

RRP £65


Cast ceramic stoneware jar by Vanessa Penrose 

Glazed and hand printed.

Size approx 15.4cm (h) by 8cm (w)

RRP £50


Hand carved inlaid tile by Alchemy Tiles.

‘When sleeping women wake mountains move.’ Old Chinese Proverb. 14 x 14cm

RRP £30


Big Tea mug by Raphaela Ceramics

With a beautiful semi-matt blue glaze approx 18-20oz, H9.5cm W 9cm 

RRP £30


Wood fired, soda glazed lidded jar by Bridie Maddocks 

Height- 8.5cm
Width- 7cm


A carved, glazed, midnight blue ceramic tile by Atlantic Ceramics

Tile depicts a map of the British Shipping Areas as used by the Met Office in the shipping forecast.
23cm x 1.5cm


Indian smoked fired vessel by Cabby Luxford

Approx size 18cm tall, 17cms wide

RRP £75


Handmade porcelain vessel by Ruth Harrison

With porcelain teardrop shapes attached by hand to a slip cast vessel.

H: 7cm W: 7cm D: 7cm.

RRP £50 


Cherry Blossom Cup by Isobel Higley

Thrown stoneware decorated with a glossy glaze and hand painted cherry blossom design. Approx 8x7x7cm.

RRP £19.99


Small handbuilt bowl with fins by Sarah Villeneau.

Chunky red stoneware clay with a transparent glaze on the inside. Fired to 1260 in an electric kiln. 10 x 9 x 5 cm

RRP £45-00 


Ash glazed stoneware mug by Popalini & Jezando .

Approx. 9cm high x 8cm diameter.


Wood fired and soda glazed vase by Lansdown Pottery

9″ tall

RRP £65


White earthenware soap dish by Wendy Calder

With incised cow parsley design. Approx size 12.5cmx10cm

RRP £16.50


MAX by Sally Gardiner.

Stoneware hare . 15 cm high ,12 cm long.

RRP £60


Thrown Grey Stoneware Mug by GB-Ceramics

With patterned Nerikomi handle. Aprox 8.5cm wide (rim) x 7.5cm height. 


Bowl and spoon set by Frances Spice

Spoon is 14cm length. Bowl 12 1/2 cm diameter and 4 1/2 cm height. 

RRP £60


Small handbuilt porcelain bowl by Clare Mahoney 

Height 8cms diameter 8 to 9 cms approx depth 7cms 

RRP £65


Oystercatcher coffee mug by Rosemary Jacks

Thrown earthenware, white and blue slip decoration & hand painted oystercatchers. Approx H 8.5cm

RRP £22.00


Navy bird, slip decorated earthenware wall plaque by Welcombe Pottery

Wingspan 18cm

RRP £28


Handbuilt vessel by Tarka Pottery

With cobalt blue hand-painted brushstrokes. Lightly grogged stoneware. Approx H 18cm.

RRP £25.


Porcelain tile of fungi on Dartmoor by Bethany Antliff

Mounted in a frame approx 12x12x3.3cm that can be hung on a wall or be free standing. 


Large handmade porcelain candle holder By Adrian Bates

Comes with with 4inch candle.

22cm high


Set of 6 porcelain buttons by Caroline Barnes

1.5cm diameter approx

RRP £10

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